Hot Flashy Women

For all the jokes (and fear) of menopause I find it hilariously engaging. Initially I was going to design an aromatherapy kit called Hot Flashy Women, but I lost interest as I became seduced by the incredible power surging through my body.

Why would someone want to deny themselves of that pleasure, that primal power, that wonderfully warm sensation when one has generally run cold all her life? Oh to be warm….I adore it.

I certainly understand why some humans could fear a woman surging with that kind of power – it’s intense. And I wouldn’t want to be on the receiving end of a misdirected, off-balance power surge. But alas, I won’t. I’m on the giving end of this.   heh  heh  heh  🙂

This is often about the time that we shift our focus from raising our families to more personal pursuits. It’s time for us to tap into our innate wisdom. It’s time for reflection, creative venture, radical self care and yes, power surges.


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