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stillnessBeneath the surface of our awareness lies a vast world of vibration. Like water beetles busy skimming over the top of a lake, we often miss expansive realms that exist just below the very waterline of our immediate perception.”  Richard Gordon

Is it time to explore beneath the surface? To become more conscious of how you use and run your energy? And then, in a state of higher vibration, you can more easily support the healing process. You will become a stronger healing presence in your life - for yourself and others. 

Join us March 22nd & 23rd in the beautiful Columbia Gorge for this 2-day workshop. It is designed for those who are new to energy work, although returning to the basics occasionally is always a good idea!  There is plenty of hands-on time to make sure you are comfortable with running the energy. You can read more about it here. 13 CEU's for massage therapists. 

I just spoke with the Inn of the White Salmon and they have a few rooms left and a few beds in the hostel but they usually go quickly. Tell them you are coming for this workshop and ask for the corporate rate. There are many other choices in Hood River (just across the bridge), but this cozy Inn is right in the heart of White Salmon, a few blocks from class.

See you there!

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Stress has an immediate impact on every system in your body. The daily stresses of life trigger primitive brain centers into an emergency response condition.  Up to 80% of the blood leaves your forebrain to support the fight-or-flight response and stress chemicals pour into the bloodstream.  The primitive brain structures don't distinguish whether the alarm was set off by something small like a broken shoelace or a huge physical threat.


"Oh My God" Points

With simple Energy Medicine techniques you can reprogram your nervous system to no longer set off the crisis response in the face of daily stresses. Holding your Neurovascular points returns blood to your forebrain and reconditions your response to stress.

Try this simple technique the next time you are hit by stress, feel overwhelmed, or highly emotional:

  1. Lightly place your fingertips on your forehead, covering the frontal eminences, the "Oh my God" points (p. 234).
  2. Put your thumbs on your temples next to your eyes, breathing deeply.
  3. Sink deeply into the emotion and stress as you hold the points for three to five minutes.
  4. As blood returns to your forebrain over the next few minutes you will begin to think more clearly.

It is that simple!

From EEM Newsletter. Page references to Donna's Book Energy Medicine, 2008 Tarcher/Penguin.