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Let us continue to look at a series of easy self care, quick release techniques to help you feel better. The body can regenerate and restore when the energy is flowing. With Jin Shin, we work with the acupressure points on the body using light touch to release stress and tension.

Remember that you can work on yourself or use these points to work on a client. For Quantum Touch students/practitioners, holding these points while doing QT really pumps up the effectiveness. These are quick release points not full flows that a practitioner would likely use.

This month we are peeking into the Heart Meridian.

Do you notice any of these tendencies in yourself? Pretense, crying on the inside while laughing on the outside, inappropriate joy, masking feelings, insecurity, trying too hard, nervous or circulatory system issues, seriousness, shyness, afraid to play.

The Heart Meridian thrives on new ideas, action and adventure. It is the force which enables our planted seeds to grow, ripen and flourish. It gives us the power to act. It brings us prosperity, spontaneity and integrity. This flow is most responsive to spiritual thought and is nourished by exercise and playfulness.
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Let’s look at Phase IV. Do you ever worry about other people or about your future or about the economy or…or…or… What about the “what if” thoughts – what if this or that happens? We all do, but to what degree? How much time and energy (intensity) do you spend there?

Think about this. Energy follow thought. Let’s say someone that you care about is seriously ill. In our culture, worry often denotes an expression of caring, of concern, of love. So you worry. And you may also include ‘what if they don’t get better? What then?” so you have additional concern and care happening. But what is the energy of those messages that you are sending? One of worry, heaviness, fear… Will that really help them? No, not energetically it won’t. It can’t. I am assuming what you really want is for your loved one to regain their health and vitality. Sending them the energy of THAT – health and vitality – will go far further than sending them the energy of worry and fear.

Phase IV – Future Potential

With this Phase, we clear out those worries and fears that we don’t need in order to make room, and energy, available for those things we do want to do in our lives. ...continue reading

web jin shin chartSometimes you know you’re not feeling as well as you could, but you don’t have any diagnosable issues. This is sooooo common!!! You have to be pretty ‘far off’ to test positive for a mainstream problem that western medicine can treat. And, truth be told, the percentages that can be helped with our aggressive therapies are quite low. My opinion is that it is, in part, due to the limited view of only treating the symptoms, not the deeper imbalance. But illness and disease is not my business – wellness is. I am not a medical professional and I am extremely thankful that we have those professionals and technologies available to us when we need them.

So - to get back on track…

Let us continue to look at a series of easy self care, quick release techniques to help you feel better. The body can regenerate and restore when the energy is flowing. With Jin Shin, we work with the acupressure points on the body using light touch to release stress and tension.

Remember that you can work on yourself or use these points to work on a client. For Quantum Touch students/practitioners, holding these points while doing QT really pumps up the effectiveness.  Quantum Touch Class Info

This month we are peeking into the Diaphragm Flow which connects spirit and body through breath and blood. It is symbolized as the “doorway” between the spirit world and the physical world. It brings the spirit’s fire force into physical form.

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UCL2In my free series, From Overwhelmed to Calm, Cool & Collected: 4 Techniques that Take Less Than 5 Minutes to Transform Your Energy and Attitude, I shared a tool for standing strong in your personal energy called Radiating your Core Energy.

The gift in learning this technique is multifaceted. Not only does it strengthen your personal energy field, but it supports others to strengthen theirs. 

Let me explain -  Imagine two people in a discussion where there is some level of disagreement. One path their discussion could take is one of escalation; each person is doing their best to make their own point which could mean their voices begin to rise, they begin to stand up taller to puff up and the defensive actions begin. Anger, frustration and rightousness may build.

Another option is for one person to dominate the other – a classic power trip. Too often our interactions are based on some form of attempts to gain power, or energy, from another.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Here’s another scenario: One is standing in their power, holding strong and steady and simply listening to what the other has to say. The second person is communicating some disagreement. As the first person holds their energy without defensiveness, simply to understand, the second person has the opportunity to say what they need to say. They can then step up to a more mutually respectful way to deal with the interaction because the first person is holding the energy for them, helping them to move beyond the power struggle.

In this way, the relationship can progress to a deeper level of authentic communication where a win-win result is possible, with both parties feeling better as a result of the conversation.

The second choice, of course, is for them not to step up to a more empowering way to interact, but simply to spew their anger. However, since there isn’t any defensiveness going on (and you aren’t playing the power game with them), they will simply walk away.

It’s amazing how naturally this can work. People feel the energy you put out and you may notice more people glancing your way (responding unconsciously to your energy field) and others may run as fast as they can in the other direction – and that’s ok too.

More about the EMF Balancing Technique and other services

stillnessBeneath the surface of our awareness lies a vast world of vibration. Like water beetles busy skimming over the top of a lake, we often miss expansive realms that exist just below the very waterline of our immediate perception.”  Richard Gordon

Is it time to explore beneath the surface? To become more conscious of how you use and run your energy? And then, in a state of higher vibration, you can more easily support the healing process. You will become a stronger healing presence in your life - for yourself and others. 

Join us March 22nd & 23rd in the beautiful Columbia Gorge for this 2-day workshop. It is designed for those who are new to energy work, although returning to the basics occasionally is always a good idea!  There is plenty of hands-on time to make sure you are comfortable with running the energy. You can read more about it here. 13 CEU's for massage therapists. 

I just spoke with the Inn of the White Salmon and they have a few rooms left and a few beds in the hostel but they usually go quickly. Tell them you are coming for this workshop and ask for the corporate rate. There are many other choices in Hood River (just across the bridge), but this cozy Inn is right in the heart of White Salmon, a few blocks from class.

See you there!

Quantum Touch - A Super Charged Approach to Living Article

New Hope for the Pain Epidemic Article

The ability to manage and work with your personal energy in a focused and clear manner is a skill that can be learned, practiced and improved upon. The new understandings about our brains being brought to light through brain science also offer new support for what we have been doing through our work with the Lattice.

This month we will expand on Phase II. In this session we continue the process of releasing those charges that we have been feeding unconsciously with our energy. We aren’t erasing anything, simply releasing the excess energy charge that we have been feeding. Basically we shift our history from an anchor that holds us back to a source of wisdom and support for who we are now.
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Let us continue to look at a series of easy self care techniques to help you feel better. The body can regenerate and restore when the energy is flowing. With Jin Shin, we work with the acupressure points on the body using light touch to release stress and tension.

This month – the Kidney Meridian

Do you notice any of these tendencies in yourself? Many of these tendencies are also shared with the Bladder Meridian, as they are both water elements, but with Kidney you may notice more panic attacks, denial, anger, fear of failure, perfectionism, insecurity, resentment and mistrust.

Or specifically you may notice: Water retention, blood pressure problems, congestion, esophagus swollen at top, mouth feverish, phlegm, eczema, sweaty hands and feet, hungry but nothing appeals, intestinal issues, plantar fasciitis, bone spur, gout.
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This Energy exercise works by bringing various meridians into balance. Relaxing the defensive mechanisms, supporting the metabolism functions and activating the radiant circuits all work together to help you feel safe and supported in making changes. It is generally suggested that you do it four or more times per day to shift deep habits.

  1. Cover your eyes with your fingers. Inhale. Exhale.
  2. Inhale with your eyes still covered. Exhale while dragging your fingers across your eyes and out to your temples.
  3. Inhale while dragging your fingers up over your ears. Exhale while dragging  your fingers down behind your ears to your shoulders. Hang your fingers on your shoulders at the neck.
  4. Inhale as you cross your arms, placing your fingers on the opposite shoulders. Exhale, smoothing your hands down your arms to the forearms.
  5. Inhaling, place your hands flat across the ribs under your bust area.
  6. Exhale while sweeping your fingers down your legs and off your feet at the toes.
  7. Inhale while sweeping your fingers back up your legs to under your arms.
  8. Exhale while sweeping your fingers down and off your body at the sides of your waist.


From Eden Energy Medicine Newsletter:

Rupert Sheldrake's talk at our International Gathering of Eden Energy Medicine (IGEEM) Convention last month was an inspired glimpse into the deeper nature of reality. Going beyond the tools of conventional science, he has for the past 35 years been developing a compelling though unconventional theory of how natural processes -- from the subatomic level to human societies -- are organized by invisible fields. These "morphic fields" carry information and form.

As has been widely publicized, a provocative presentation by Rupert Sheldrake was censored by TED. The conservative forces within TED managed to get the talk withdrawn from viewers. All hell broke loose at that point. In mobilizing a group of scientists for an international protest about such censorship, Deepak Chopra pointed to "the animosity of militant atheists against consciousness studies and their stubborn defense of conservative mainstream science."

Since then, TED has leaned further toward the materialistic side with its public letter affirming its ban on what it calls "bad science, pseudoscience, and health hoaxes." Sounds like a reasonable ban, except those now running TED believe that a great deal of legitimate innovation falls into these categories. The winners are Big Pharm, GMOs, conventional medicine, and narrow scientific materialism. The losers are the rest of us. (Don't expect to see Donna invited onto TED any time soon.) But this doesn't mean we need to give up pushing the boundaries at every opportunity. We are extremely proud to have hosted Rupert recently to present his views to our audience.