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Unconditional self-love has to do with an a fundamental awareness of the inherit value of your being-- your very existence is enough to be worthy of partaking in the goodness of life and receiving love and support of the universe and others. However, there's an additional step that's necessary to complete the process of true self-love that many of us skip over- which is unconditional commitment to ourselves -- not just loving yourself for your inherent value, but standing for the potential of who you can become, which requires us to challenge and mentor ourselves through our growing edges and be honest with ourselves about where we're missing the mark. Self-Love creates the container. Ferocious commitment, the positive, creative tension that enables our full becoming - Claire Zammit

handsIs your world trembling? Do you feel the rumblings of something that perhaps you cannot put your finger on? The birth of something new?

No worries – some things need to fall away to make room for the new. And new it is. It’s a time of birth for everyone, although we are in various stages of it certainly.

You may have noticed the Feminine showing up all over the place – teleconferences, classes, internet buzz or perhaps it’s simply an inner urge you’re feeling that you may or may not recognize.

This is not about feminism. It’s about a new way to live in the world. Balancing the masculine energy of doing, tasking, controlling our lives and feminine energy of intuiting, allowing, cooperating with Life. The aim is to blend the two into a beautiful dance of wholeness, of living in a world where each of us can offer our special gifts and talents for the benefit of all. ...continue reading

TRY THIS PRACTICE: Feminine Power Key: The Power to Create Those Things You Most Yearn For is Within

How often have you said to yourself, “If only my circumstances were different, then I'd be able to have and create what I really want in my life...”

Or, “If only I had more money, more time, a better education, a better job, more support, more love, had a better figure... more (fill in the blank!)... then I'd be able to live the life that I was born to live." ...continue reading

The truth is that your life is primarily being generated by who you’re being, much more than by what you’re doing. Yet our focus is continually on trying to source power by managing and controlling the externals of our lives – our to do lists, our circumstances, our schedules, our finances, our bodies and so on.

We think: If only my circumstances were different, then I’d be able to have and create what I really want in life. How often have you said to yourself, “If only I had more money, more time, a better education, a better job, more support, more love etc. then I’d be able to live the life that I was born to live”?

Yet, the obstacles to the full flourishing of your life are not outside of yourself!

The barriers to the realization of your dreams, and deepest desires are internal, not external. And, more importantly, the source of power you need to fulfill them lies within you, and is just waiting to be awakened.

Feminine Power Practice:

  • Make a list of all the reasons you are telling yourself as to why you can’t live your best life, realize your highest creative potentials and make your greatest contributions to the world (i.e., I’m too busy, I don’t have the money, I’m too old, etc.).
  • Notice how many of them are external reasons. Just for today, let go of any and all reasons outside of yourself as to why you are not realizing your highest potentials and making your greatest contributions.
  • Close your eyes and take a deep breath, allowing your awareness to drop into your body. Move into a place of listening and receptivity, becoming aware of your deeper knowing and connecting to the part of yourself that holds wisdom and has access to power. With a sense of authentic interest and curiosity, ask yourself: “How am I the source of my current experience of life?,” “What choices am I making that are contributing to my current experience of life?” (eg. I say yes to things I don’t want to say yes to because I want others to like me, I choose to not focus on money because I don’t really care that much about it, I no longer put myself out there because I don’t want to risk rejection, etc.)
  • What’s one new choice that you could make today that will give you access to creating a different experience right away?

The above guest blog is from Katherine and Claire at http://femininepower.com/blog

As many of you know I've been involved with the Feminine Power Mastery program for the last 18 months. And for the last 11 years those of us involved with the EMF Balancing work have been called ‘evolving evolutionaries.’

Let me define these terms: an evolutionary is someone who understands that the transformation of our world depends upon our willingness to evolve ourselves and is committed to making that happen. Feminine Power, unlike masculine power which is the power to create those things that can be controlled, feminine power is the power to create those things that are beyond our control, but which our hearts most deeply long for such as love, care, connection, self expression, creativity, right livelihood and meaningful contributions to the world with a brighter future for generations to come.

I've been working with the the same desire and commitment all along and now offer it in different formats. Energy work, Body work or Coaching work - all based on the empowered yin or feminine power that has largely laid quiet for quite a while. Oh but the times they are a changin'.  🙂

Currently I am in the Feminine Power Transformational Coaching and Leadership Program which I am most excited about. And in early 2012 I will be offering one-on-one coaching to help you rock your world by transforming some aspect of your life. It’s powerful, dynamic and not for the meek. It takes courage and commitment to shift at this level, and I will be with you each step of the way. It’s a 7 week program and I’ll have more information available fairly soon.

I look forward to stepping into this next stage of my commitment to be in service to the uplift and flourishing of the world, supporting you to step into the life of your dreams.