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Know-yourself-300x166Right about this time of the year I do a mid-year review. I look at what I've been up to and what I want to let go of, change up or add in. This year I've been using The Inner Guide Planner which brings in both the Doing stuff with the Being stuff, so I love it. I'd like to share with you a short segment from the planner.

Nine Guides for Living


Awakening to "See" What Is

Practicing awareness on a daily basis helps you to live more consciously, enabling you to have more control over your emotions and your life. By enhancing your ability to respond more mindfully to situations, you are able to make deeper connections with yourself and others. Without the filter of judgment, awareness allows you to experience the truth of the present moment. It is the first step toward making a significant change in the quality of your life.

Inner Guide

Your Inner Voice Lights the Way

As you practice living more consciously, you will connect more deeply with your inner voice or guide. You inner voice (also known as your intuition) is your most valuable resource; it always knows what is best for you and offers guidance in all areas of your life. Giving yourself quiet time every day will help you tune in to your inner wisdom and inspire you to grow into your authentic self. ...continue reading

I often remind people that the body doesn't respond to the words we say, but to the feelings we feel. So rather than think or demand anything of the body, it is far more effective to create change by going into a feeling of what it is you desire whether that is through a memory you have or a future memory that you want to create.  Sink into the memory. What do you see out of your eyes? What do you hear? What smells, textures, sensations can you tap into and bring more fully into your body?  What is the FEELING that you want to experience? Go there.

In this interview, Gregg Braden speaks on the science of thoughts, emotions and the powerful beings we are. Thoughts + Emotions = Feelings. Feeling is the language that speaks to our bodies.

If you want to learn more about the power of feelings and energy healing, I have a Quantum Touch Hands-on Healing class in March. There's still time to join in the fun. You will learn how to run energy, keep your vibration high and create change.

Note: This video was complied (by someone, thank you very much) which makes viewing it much easier but I can't say I agree with the embellishments they added. I don't find this Shocking! although I do agree with Must Watch.  🙂

EMF-UCLUniversal Calibration Lattice Workshop

This workshop will introduce you to an aspect of your energetic anatomy called the Universal Calibration Lattice. This is the structure that is cleared, balanced and activated when doing the EMF (Electro-Magnetic Field) Balancing Technique work.

Everyone has this lattice, but it varies in it's strength, flexibility and development. You will learn the theory of the Lattice, useful information for daily living, a few ways to work with the energy and give & receive a short balancing session that you can offer to others.

This workshop is also required if you wanted to take either the Personal Growth Training or Accredited Practitioner Training for the EMF Balancing work, which you can read more about here.

This short animated video, ...continue reading

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Unconditional self-love has to do with an a fundamental awareness of the inherit value of your being-- your very existence is enough to be worthy of partaking in the goodness of life and receiving love and support of the universe and others. However, there's an additional step that's necessary to complete the process of true self-love that many of us skip over- which is unconditional commitment to ourselves -- not just loving yourself for your inherent value, but standing for the potential of who you can become, which requires us to challenge and mentor ourselves through our growing edges and be honest with ourselves about where we're missing the mark. Self-Love creates the container. Ferocious commitment, the positive, creative tension that enables our full becoming - Claire Zammit

handsIs your world trembling? Do you feel the rumblings of something that perhaps you cannot put your finger on? The birth of something new?

No worries – some things need to fall away to make room for the new. And new it is. It’s a time of birth for everyone, although we are in various stages of it certainly.

You may have noticed the Feminine showing up all over the place – teleconferences, classes, internet buzz or perhaps it’s simply an inner urge you’re feeling that you may or may not recognize.

This is not about feminism. It’s about a new way to live in the world. Balancing the masculine energy of doing, tasking, controlling our lives and feminine energy of intuiting, allowing, cooperating with Life. The aim is to blend the two into a beautiful dance of wholeness, of living in a world where each of us can offer our special gifts and talents for the benefit of all. ...continue reading

This meditation is about the feminine/masculine integration, the quiet and the active, the doing and the being, the ebb and flow. By Peggy Phoenix Dubro, founder of The Balancing Work (EMF Balancing).

TRY THIS PRACTICE: Feminine Power Key: The Power to Create Those Things You Most Yearn For is Within

How often have you said to yourself, “If only my circumstances were different, then I'd be able to have and create what I really want in my life...”

Or, “If only I had more money, more time, a better education, a better job, more support, more love, had a better figure... more (fill in the blank!)... then I'd be able to live the life that I was born to live." ...continue reading

The Balancing Work is the umbrella for several pieces, one of which (EMF Balancing Technique) I've been involved with since 2000 as a practitioner and instructor. The introductory workshop to the EMF Balancing work is the UCL Workshop, offered a few times per year.  Sessions are available in person or as distant sessions. This video is Peggy Phoenix Dubro, the founder, speaking about the work and where we are today as Energy Psychology moves into the mainstream.